Book binding demonstration-2/10/2015

Today I learnt about the interesting and historical craft of book binding. Book binding is the process of assembling and securing written or printed pages within a cover and before my lesson today I had never really given a second thought to how a book is made and the possible history and importance behind the trade.

The workshop began by Kieran handing out multiple books that show the different types of binding for us to look at and analyse, thinking about the possible pro’s and con’s behind each way of binding including the cost, longevity and how protective it actually is of the books content.

20151001_103419000_iOS20151001_103435000_iOS 20151001_103451000_iOS20151001_102346000_iOS

This included thread-less and glue-less binds to screw bound binding and most importantly the perfect bind which Kieran then demonstrated the process of how it is made.

20151001_095701476_iOS 20151001_100226000_iOS 20151001_100517000_iOS 20151001_100703000_iOS


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