Studio culture week-Frazer Muggeridge 5/10/2015

This week was Studio Culture week. Monday was dedicated to our class getting the opportunity to visit different design, illustration and branding studios. The aim was to get inspired by the studio spaces we visited and look at them while thinking about how we could take away some of the ideas these designers have for their spaces and possibly apply it to our own studio set up that we will create later on in the week. We also got the chance to ask the graphic designers/illustrators questions about the way they prefer to work and see their designs up close.

The first studio we visited was Frazer Muggeridge.20151005_111207203_iOS 20151005_111647377_iOS

The studio room itself was very interesting and busy, being shared with another design company. The walls were completely covered with inspiring work and in two corners of the room were book cases full to the brim.


Frazer himself talked to us about his studio space and how he works best with his fellow graphic designers and showed us some of his favourite work.

20151005_112326323_iOS 20151005_112401926_iOS

Here are some of my favourite quotes and advice from Frazer Mugerridge during our time at his studio.

Favourite quotes

  • Do something unexpected
  • Be prepared for going far a field
  • History is important-what’s been done before?
  • No files called FINAL
  • Clients know who they are more than you do
  • Dont be Scared


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