Studio culture week-Toby Leigh 5/10/2015

Our second and last visit as part of studio culture week was to Toby Leigh. This studio was much bigger then the previous being shared between four individuals all with their own businesses working in different creative fields including graphic design, illustration and photography paying £230 per month.

Toby works under two names Toby Leigh and Tobatron which works well for him and his different styles and provides him with more work as he has a agent for both companies (Folio and CIA).


My thoughts

I preferred this studio to Frazer’s as there was so much more room to move about and each person had their own desk space instead of four people to one table. There was also a area with a sofa so that they could take a break when they needed to.

I really enjoyed looking at Toby’s work and after leaving the studio and going home I researched him and his work some more and here are some of my favourite pieces from him.

My favourites of Toby’s work



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