Screen printing workshop-12/10/2015 & 15/10/2015

This week we worked with Danny learning how to screen print. This included cleaning our screens, coating the screen in emulsion, burning the screen, washing the emulsion out and finally printing out our chosen design.

The first step was to draw or find a image of what I wanted to print. Once I found the image I wanted to use I had to then invert it to black and white and make the image to be made up of dots ready to print out in A3. I chose a image of a pug.



After we had chosen and printed our images out it was time to clean our screens. Danny demonstrated how it was done then it was over to us to try.

Preparing the screen


Our screens were clean and it was time to coat them in the emulsion using the scoop coater. I Filled the tray with the emulsion then put the tray at the base of my screen. Next, I tilted the scooper so the emulsion touched the screen.Then pulled the scooper up, while placing a little of pressure to leave a thin coat of the emulsion. When I got to the top of the screen, I tilted the scooper back so the emulsion fell back into the scooper to prevent waste.


The screen printing process

After that we took it in turns to place our designs on halogen lights glass. This step transfers our designs onto the screen.


Next I washed the remaining emulsion off my screen removing the unhardened emulsion to leave the silk of my design open for the ink to come through.

Finally it was time to print. I placed a A3 piece of paper on the table and put my screen on top of it and held it into place so it could not move also putting the vacuum on underneath so the paper was held down. I picked my paint and was ready to go. I put ink across the top of my screen and the squeegee above it keeping it at a 45 degree angle while I pulled it down with some pressure insuring the ink came through onto the paper pulling it towards me and repeated this on multiple sheets of paper. Here is some of the screen prints I made.

My best screen print outcome


To be honest I wasn’t completely happy with the way my prints came out. Although most of the image came out clear and recognizable, each print had certain areas that did not as you can see above which was rather frustrating but it does make me want to try screen printing again to produce some more prints that I am hopefully completely happy with.


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