The Eric Gill series exhibition-5/11/2015

Yesterday, we went to the old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane to visit the Eric Gill series exhibition. Monotype partnered with Eye, Penguin Books, Ditchling Museum, FIELD, LeBook, The Five Points Brewing Company, The Typography Workshop and Letterform Archive to present this seven-day exhibition on the type design of Eric Gill.


The Eric Gill series is a collection of 77 fonts in three families: Gill Sans Nova, Joanna Nova and Joanna Sans Nova. All the typefaces are deprived from the original work of the influential British artist Eric Gill (1882-1940), acclaimed in his lifetime as a sculptor, letter-cutter and type designer.


I really enjoyed this exhibition. Before going there I had no idea what to expect although the name Eric Gill did ring a bell, walking around the exhibition I realised I recognized a lot of his work but never knew anything about the man himself. The exhibition inspired me to research Eric and his work more when I got home. As I will be starting a typography workshop on Monday I feel this experience really helped me get excited and ready for it.



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