Typography workshop-9/11/2015 & 12/11/2015

This week we had our typography workshop with Kim Vousden. We were split into two groups and the group I was in got to work in the letter press room first.We were each given a sentence that we would be creating. Mine was “Choose a font based on the characteristics of the typeface and its suitability for your message” and I was working with the font Univers med ex cond.


I started by picking out my letters for my sentence and one by one placing them on the tray.


Once I had the complete sentence I could do my first print. After doing this I could see all my mistakes in the way I had placed the letters and could correct it before doing any more prints.

First print


After making the corrections I could do lots of prints one after one. Once I had enough prints of the sentence with that font it was time to try a new bigger font. I chose one word out of the sentence to change fonts and continued making prints with the new changes.

My favourite print


For the second part of the day we worked in the library researching typographic infographics and making sketches so we can hang them up in our workspace and have them there to help if we need them. On Thursday we continued doing this along with making more prints of our sentences.

typographic infographics research


I had never seen or worked in the letter press room before so this workshop was really new and fun for me. I found picking out all the letters individually surprisingly enjoyable and I really liked how my prints came out. Although letter pressing is a more time consuming way of doing typography I would like to do it again as it was satisfying.


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