Mark making workshop-16/11/2015 & 19/11/2015

This week we began our mark making workshop with Orly Orbach on Monday and Michelle Salamon on Thursday. Monday morning began with the group moving outside of our studio and into the corridors. We was asked to bring different types of paper and drawing materials. One by one we had to walk down the corridor in different ways including running, skipping and anything we could think of to make each sketch different. For every person who walked we had approx 10 seconds to draw a quick sketch of them. Michelle then involved props into the walk and we even did a three legged race to really make the sketches interesting and difficult to do.

I found this quite difficult as I am not a great drawer at the best of times let alone when I only have 10 seconds to draw and have to think about what the persons body looked like from memory but it was very interesting to see what my finished sketches looked like.

First sketching activity

For the next part of the day we were asked to get into groups of three and in those groups we acted as statues, while two of us were acting out a certain scene for example a fight or giving a gift the third person was sketching and we rotated till each person had at least 10 drawings.

second sketching activity

After lunch we came back and had the interesting task of making masks. We were again asked to get into groups of 4-5 people and had about 20 mins to make two masks. Everyone in my group had the chance of creating their own ideas, I decided to sketch out a design of a sun and a moon mask. We then looked at everyone’s ideas and all decided which masks we wanted to go with and mine was chosen. From that I went and got a selection of papers, glue and scissors ready to make our masks.

Mask making

Once the masks were made we then had to think of a story that we could get the two characters of the sun and moon to act out while we sketched them and had a story board of drawings at the end of it. We went with the story of the sun killing in moon. With the story now decided we were ready to start acting and sketching.

Storyboard sketches

Thursday was our second and last day of the mark making workshop and we began the day by being introduced to Michelle and our brief “A view from the top”. We went through a powerpoint all about reductive techniques which we would be trying out throughout the day. Michelle showed us different examples of art that used reductive techniques including these two pieces from Edvard Munch and Edgar Degas.

After finding out what we would be doing for the day it was time to begin. We first had to chose a part of the view we have from our studio. This was what we needed to be sketched out and then later rendered using five different mark making techniques that Michelle later demonstrated, we had about 20 mins to do this.

Skyline view drawing

After our sketches were complete Michelle demonstrated the mark making techniques we would be trying and were ready to begin.

I started with creating my skyline outline using masking tape and a scalpel to get the shape of my skyline. After that was complete I could cover all the area with the black acrylic paint then after that was done I pulled the tape off and place my paper on top to get the first print that you can see in the third image below. For the fourth image I cover the area with more paint, placed a piece of paper over the top and then drew out my sketch on top which pressed the paint onto the paper showing my skyline outline.

My reductive mark making techniques pieces

I then tried the technique below which was cutting out the buildings and areas in which I wanted to be dark like the windows and placed this onto a sheet of paper, sprinkled the area with graphite powder, then lifting the cut outs off which leaves this effect. This was personally my least favourite technique and I really disliked the outcomes I got.

For the next technique I created this circle using black ink and then used a paint brush and bleach to draw out my skyline sketch which has a chemical reaction and created this effect.

Once I had tried all the mark making techniques we were asked to pick our favourite and make a final A3 print with the title “A view from the top“. Below is my final piece using my favourite technique of the day.

I did like this weeks workshop although I know some of my work didn’t turn out how I would of liked it to. I particularly enjoyed Mondays lesson where we explored additive mark making more so then Thursday when we tried reductive mark making techniques.












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