Animation workshop-23/11/2015 & 26/11/2015

This week we finally began our animation workshop with Kieron. Out of all the workshop that I knew we would be having this was the one that I have been the most excited for and it didn’t disappoint! The first half of Mondays lesson was spent watching ten short animated films. Kieron had picked each animation for different reasons and they all showed the multiple ways and styles in which animated films can be made. Out of the ten we watched here are my top three favourites.

Procrastination-John Kelly

Hilary-Anthony Hodgson

Pingpongs-George Gendi

I would also like to mention four very different animated music videos and a animated TV advert that I absolutely love. I found all of these videos many years ago and have watched them so many times because of how much I love the animations that I thought I might as well share them.

Jackie Wilson-Reet petite


Peter Gabriel-Sledgehammer

Coldplay-Strawberry Swing


Levi advert-Mr Boombastic

After we watched the short animated films and came back from lunch we were asked to start thinking of ideas for our own animations and once we felt ready to then draw our idea out onto a storyboard. The Brief asked that the animation works as an infinite loop and we had to considerer this while thinking of our possible outcome. I made a quick sketch in my notepad and once I was confident with my idea I put it into the storyboard that you can see below.

After we were ready with our animation ideas, Kieron gave us a brief demonstrated on how the animation software Dragonframe works and how we would connect our digital cameras to the software so that the animation is successful. We then ended the lesson by getting a chance to use Dragonframe and make a quick animation. We was split into two groups and both had four different coloured pieces of circular paper to each move along one by one at different speeds which created this final effect that you can watch below.

After Mondays lesson was over I was really excited to get home and created my own short animation. I decided to use Photoshop to create my illustrations and animation as this is the software I have on my computer so I wanted to learn how to do it on Photoshop in hope that Id be able to continue making short animations/gifs even after the workshop was over. As I had never made a animation/gif before I chose a simple idea of a pair of lips blowing bubblegum and it popping.


First animation/gif


Now that I had finally made a animation I felt ready to try something a bit more complex on Thursdays lesson. When I showed Kieron my animation he suggested that I do some more research on the shape of the bubblegum when making bubbles to then make improvements so that the animations looks more realistic and works as more of a loop. Kieron suggested I look at pictures of real people blowing bubblegum and showed me this gif below so I could look at the different shapes of the bubble as it gets bigger and bigger.

I made some adjustments and here it is again.

Second attempt at animation/gif


After speaking to Kieron about the animation he suggested I keep working on it to make it look cleaner and see if I could keep working in Photoshop, trying different tools to get the best animation I possibly could out of my idea and that is exactly what I did over the weekend, below is my improved animation/gif.

Improved Animation/gif


This workshop was probably my favourite of them all so far. I’ve always wanted to make a animation but never knew how or even the different ways in which you can make animations. I also really enjoyed watching the different short animated films that we did. From this I think I will give making animations/gifs some more tries and hopefully I will get better at them.


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