Crit week-30/11/2015 & 3/12/2015

It is always nice to see other peoples work. Especially when you’ve all been doing the same workshops it’s good to see how other people take on the briefs. This week was review week. A week where we get a chance to see everyone else’s work including pieces from the workshops and our blogs. I saw so much amazing work on Monday it was very inspiring and made me want to work harder to produce great work like everyone else in my class. Below is my favourites of what I saw this week.

One thing I found pretty interesting while everyone was presenting their work was their own opinion of their art pieces. So many of us thought of our work as rubbish whilst others said they loved it and were impressed! It was really surprising and made me think that maybe I shouldn’t dismiss my work straight away or throw it away because I personally don’t like it as someone else just might.



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