Drawing lesson-7/12/2015

We spent all of Monday with Orly for a lesson in drawing. I was sceptical at first as I really believe I am a rubbish drawer, especially compared to some of the talented people in my class but regardless of that I actually enjoyed the lesson. Orly explained that the idea behind today’s lesson would be “if buildings could talk” if buildings could talk what would they say?

Orly started the first half of the day with two games. The first was called ’emotional doorways’ We were all given a small piece of paper and told to think of an emotion and write it down. Every ones pieces of paper were collected and put in a hat, then we all had the chance to pick a emotion that someone else had written making sure that we kept it secret from those around us. The emotion I got was pain. We then had to draw a door and use only pictures to represent this emotion without words and see if our fellow classmates would be able to guess your emotion from the drawing.

first activity

The second game was “emotional facades” It was kind of similar but this time Orly had come up with multiple situations on pieces of paper and handed them out. I got “you are about to have your first birthday” Like the first game we had to represent this scenario using only a picture and no words for others to guess. After that we got the chance to walk around the class and guess the meaning behind each others houses.

Second activity

After our break we were asked to walk around the whole of the university building and draw different places that we found interesting using different materials and drawing styles. It was fun getting to explore the different levels of the uni as id never done this before.

Final drawings



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