Making our zines-1/2/2016

A couple of weeks ago Sara gave us our brief (Thinking it & saying it-making our own zines) We had a break while some people were on a trip to New York and during this time we were asked to come back to our lesson with our zine pages ready and today was that day.

Everyone came to class ready with their front and back cover and middle page to our zines on our chosen subjects. The day began with a quick talk from Sara about what we would be doing all day and how our zines would be put together so that every ones work was in one zine. We watched this short documentary first.

Zines: The power of DIY print

The idea behind my zine was how greedy the world has become and how our love of junk food has become out of control resulting in a large percentage of the world now being obese. I drew some illustrations that you can see below that I later scanned and worked with in Photoshop to create my zine.

My Illustrations


Final Zine design front cover


Middle page


Back Cover


In groups of 12 we decided the order of zines middle pages and then came together as a class to put all the pages together of our classes zine and then scan each page and print it so everyone had a copy. Once that was done we all could put our own zine cover and back page design so everyone had the same inside pages but with their own front and back page designs.

Everyones zines

I really loved making our zine with every ones work in it. I love having work to physically hold and keep and I really enjoyed looking at my classmates work. Although the process of putting the zine pages together was rather long and stressful It was worth it in the end!


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