100 things to keep me up at night-4/2/2016

Today we did something completely different. Sara gave us our project for the day called “100 things to keep me up at night” to keep it quick and simple we basically had 100 things to draw that day. We was given a list of 100 different concepts, scenarios and just random things and questions that we had 2 mins each to draw using as much or little paper and whatever materials we wanted. It was intense and I found it harder than I initially thought I would! The aim of this task was to encourage quick thinking, to learn to work intensely, to encourage ideas generation and to develop a sense of self belief.

Here is a few of my favourite random little drawings that happened from today.

49. London buses want to change change colour-what colour would you paint them?


70.What would be the eleventh commandment?


45.If a book is a container of words what is a container of ideas?


60.What does your dream sandwich look like?


47.Write a poem with three lines.mean it.


76.Draw Europe from memory.


55.Draw what love feels like.


I liked today, It was a very interesting task. Some images came to my mind quick and some took way too long or didn’t come at all! If I had to do it again I would try to think less or not think that my idea could be wrong or is just stupid and just draw what is in my head without ever questioning it.





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