Research-‘The soundtrack of our lives’

Our latest project is called ‘the soundtrack of our lives’ and I am so excited about it! The task is to create a series of three posters that communicates our feelings or associations with three songs. Its all about our relationship to the music and how we can make people aware and feel what feelings it evokes in us. This was exactly the type of project that I have wanted to do, I love posters and love music so I could not have picked a better task myself. As soon as I heard the task so many of my favourite songs came into my head along with loads of ideas but before we get to those its time to do some research. Its always good to get inspiration from other designers so we were asked to look at illustrators, designers and visual artists that have worked with music. Here is my favourites!

Butcher Billy

Butcher Billy is a Brazilian illustrator with a fresh approach, who loves to slice up ideas and imagery in popular culture and reassemble them in unique ways. Butcher Billy likes to keep things simple. Initially he sketches out his ideas on napkins from sleazy bars, then moves over to his Mac to create a clean, clear image. He uses basic colours and strong forms and a few graphic tricks here and there for impact. Though he creates his work digitally, he’s absorbed by the typography, imagery and creative concepts of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and loves the little imperfections of the pre-web era. His style is Pop art, with huge vintage influences coming from movies, games, comics, music, television and the arts. Butcher Billy’s images are often a mash-up of ideas, but the final executions are very cohesive and immediate, often using a comic book aesthetic and a strong colour palette.

blog 9

 Peter Saville

Probably most noted for his record and album cover designs for Factory Records, Peter Saville was a designer whose career spanned several decades. His early work, in the late 1970’s and early 80’s, included album covers for several bands on the Factory Records label, but the ones that achieved the highest level of fame were for New Order and Joy Division. The bands that really brought the record label into the spotlight, Saville designed the covers for many of the two groups albums between the years of 1979 and 2005.


Based in the Netherlands, BoomArtwork is the pseudonym of illustrator Eric van den Boom. Since childhood he’s been attracted to the illustrations and logo art associated with skate culture, album sleeves, t-shirts and gig posters. It inspires his illustration work to this day. Eric first took a multimedia design course, and after that went to art school to study illustration, graduating with honours. He’s worked in multimedia, and graphic and textile design, but illustration is his true love. The BoomArtwork style is characterised by strong line work, which is taken to another level with small, vintage details. With the colourful patterns he uses in some pieces, it’s been said that his images shimmer and move as though they’re being blown by a fan. Eric also loves using custom lettering.





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