First song ‘The soundtrack of our lives’

The first song I chose for our latest project “the soundtrack of our lives” is Bob Marley-Could you be loved. It is one of my favourite songs ever and is the first song that came into my mind when I heard our project brief.

My idea/theme behind my music posters is to show where the song takes me when I am listening to it, where I imagine myself when I listen to it and/or just generally how it makes me feel.

So whenever I listen to Bob Marley-could you be loved I imagine being very happy in Jamaica, on the beach! Which is the idea behind my first poster. Happiness, bright colours, the beach and palm trees.

With that in mind it was time to start experimenting with my possible poster design ideas. I had a clear design idea of a colourful background with a illustrated imagine of island with two palm trees and a hammock (creating a happy face shape) and I wanted to create this idea first and work from it.

I started by drawing the different compartments of my idea separately so that I could scan them into Photoshop and position them where I wanted in there.

island jam original (2)Once I was happy with the outline I could then add the colour.


This idea turned out okay but I weren’t happy with it and once I spoke to Sara she suggested that I move away from Photoshop as it makes the colour too flat and also suggested I try making my lines of my illustrations simpler.

From this I moved onto my second idea which is created a heart shape using two palm trees and in the middle of the heart creating a beach scene using different colours. I tried out felt tip pens this time to add texture.
palm tree hear (2)

scan palm tree full colour (2)

This turned out okay sort of again but it just wasn’t what I wanted and the more I looked at it the more I hated it so I re-drew it this time changing the look of the palm trees to be more cartoon style this time and again trying out felt tip pens for the colour.

skan bob book

Again this wasn’t really good enough for me and just didn’t look right so I decided to move away from the felt tips and try other things. I drew my outline in pencil exactly how I wanted it  and scanned it into Photoshop to add a black outline.

blank outline could u be loved.jpg

Now that I had the outline of my palm tree hearts exactly as I wanted it was just getting what would add the colour right so I decided to print out my outline and try colouring pencils and then felt tip pens BUT before that I just wanted to give adding colour in Photoshop one last chance just to see how it would turn out.

Version one-Photoshop

could u be loved colour (2).jpg

Version two-colouring pencil

bob pencil finished

version three-felt tip pens

bob felt finished

After that I decided that the Photoshop version was my favourite so I decided to go from there adding the text. I wanted the text to be bold and colourful like the rest of the poster to represent the song and here is how that looked.

PRINT VERSION ONEI printed this “final” poster of in A2 and presented it to my group during the crit week and got lots of useful feedback that I will use to continue this project and improve my work.



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