Second song ‘The soundtrack of our lives’

My second song for this project is Frank Ocean-Thinking about you. I wanted my next song to be really different to the happy vibe of could you be loved and while shuffling the music on my phone this came on and I had to do it.

The lyrics and message behind this song are all about missing someone and wasting your time thinking about that person, I started thinking about how I wanted to show this in the poster and the idea of a person trapped sitting in a hourglass came into my mind so I sketched the idea out.

Idea Sketch

skan sketch frank

Once I had the sketch I scanned it into Photoshop and used the pen tool to created the black outline of my poster image.

Photoshop outline

thinking bout you outline

Now that I had the blank outline it was time to decide what would look best for the colour, so like in my first poster I tried adding the colour in Photoshop, with colouring pencils and with felt tip pens.

Version one-Felt tip pens

frank felt

Version two-Colouring pencils

frank pencil

whilst doing the colouring pencil version I decided that I wanted to add typography so I I went to Photoshop next to add colour but to also add the song title and artist name.

Version three-Photoshop

thinking bout you outlineWITH TEXT IN COLOUR

The last version was my favourite and was the one I decided to print in A2 and show during the crit.


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