Third song ‘soundtrack of our lives’

The third and final song I chose for this project was The Doors-people are strange. My process for this poster was very different to the first two, mainly because my time management skills were not on point during this project (oops) and this being the last poster I did was the one I spent the least time on. Surprisingly though during the crit a lot of people said my work for this poster was their favourite of the three I had created. My main inspiration for my poster came from the music video of the song itself.

The song has a very paranoid/strange/creepy feel to me and along with the video featuring various different strangers I wanted to create a poster that reflected the feeling it gives me. I started sketching different eyes as I wanted this to be the main feature, instead of drawing strangers themselves, drawing just their eyes, along with possible different typography.


I scanned these into Photoshop so I could adjust the colour and rearrange everything till I was happy with the design.


people are strange the doors







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