Collect, Analyse & (Re)assemble…

“Find an object / sound / action / phenomena that is a collection. How do you re-organise, recategorise, recreate and re-assemble something that has already exists in a set and accepted form/system? Find a collection that functions as system, analyse your collection. What makes them a collection? What defines them? How do they change when they are en mass? What are their qualities? What do they do? What shape are they? What are their functions?”

My starting point for this project was to think of any collection I have in any way. Books? DVDs? Photographs? things I shove under my bed? A lot was running through my mind but nothing that I really found interesting or that I had enough of to base a whole project on.


I decided to then move away from physical objects that I have collected and onto collections of thoughts and feelings. A collection of…my favourite words, favourite quotes, things I hate, pet peeves, funny conversations overheard, these are just some of the ideas that popped into my mind. I preferred these non-physical mind collections much more and felt more comfortable being able to create a book for my final outcome on one of my ideas.


So what would the chosen collection for my book be *drumrole* my favourite quotes! I went with this become I have a lot for one and I find quotes helpful and just nice really, especially the occasional inspiration quotes I come across whilst on Tumblr or Instagram.

My main thought towards this project is that I wanted to work with words so quotes felt perfect. I’ve been doing lots of illustrations for previous projects but was getting pretty bored and as I am studying graphic design it was only right that I worked with typography at some point. I started by just looking at lots and lots of different fonts and when I found one I liked I drew it out. This helped me get into the swing of things as I have never really drawn fancy fonts before and I actually quite enjoyed it.

Now that I felt ready to get started I picked my final quotes and my favourite fonts I had found and was ready to go. The process was actually pretty frustrating, I have never had to use a eraser as much in my life. Constant mistakes and many crumbled up sheets of card being thrown in the bin but here is the final pages out of my collection of quotes book.

I created the book by simply hole-punching each page and connecting them together with some tied blue fabric that I cut up as I really like the look of this technique and I think it works well being able to flip the pages over instead of turning them like a traditional book.


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