SPOTLIGHT-Isabel Urbina Peña

Isabel Urbina Peña is a multi talented artist that focuses on all things letter-related. Her work has been honored with accolades and featured in an array of publications worldwide and in 2015, PRINT magazine named her one of the top creatives under 30.

For Isabel, each project begins with exploration. She takes lots of notes and lists all her ideas – even the silly ones. Then she’ll make a mood board and start a selection of small sketches with pencil and paper, or on a computer depending on the type of project. She refines the letter shapes and then the smaller details, developing a look and feel. From there, she’ll either ink the lettering and clean it up on a computer, with a Cintiq tablet, or digitise it using Robofont and make the comps. Colour is added digitally using Photoshop and her Cintiq tablet.

 Flexibility is the key when it comes to creating lettering, so Isabel adapts her style from project to project. In her work you’ll see a good balance between a fine art feel and a graphic design ethos. For some projects, the hand of the artist needs to shine through to provide a unique character, and this is where she excels. “I tend to create images that have some grit to them and aren’t perfect but are also bold and catch your attention,” she says.

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