Utterly Moving Words.

“Words. We use them everyday, We speak them we write them and we think them. We choose them, often without realising that we make decisions about what words we use and in what order. Words have shape, words have impact and words have movement.”

For our final project of the year we had to create a typographic moving image piece of 20 seconds minimum of curated footage using original sound. The starting point for this project for us was to watch this scene from the film Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind.

Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind – Meet Me In Montauk scene

Whilst watching the scene we had a sheet and was asked to write down what we could see, the sounds, the dialogue, our reaction to the film and the feelings it provoked. From doing this I had a page full of words. Those words would be the starting point for my moving image piece. We could really take whatever we wanted from this scene to start our project it was very flexible. Looking at my list of words two really stood out to me. STAY and GO. Those two words are essentially opposites and that is what I wanted to explore.

I began by jotting down as many opposite words as I could think of.

I headed to After Effects with my opposite words and I can honestly say I hate After Effects. I don’t know why I didn’t just give up and try something else but I was committed to making my video on there and after a lot of time spent watching tutorials on Youtube and frustrated tantrums here is my not very great Video.

Its not the worst video ever, but I wont be winning an award any time soon that is for sure and after I uploaded it to Youtube the audio completely messed up when it was fine in After Effects which is very annoying and I am currently trying to fix. To be honest, This was a stressful one for me! It took me ages to get used to Photoshop alone and familiarising myself with a new application was very stressful but I did it and If I have to work In After Effects in the future I will at least know the basics now…kinda.


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