Case study-Anastasia Browne


   Comics and Comfort zones

   What do you personally think your best work as been so far?

All my work is different so I have lots of favourites but if I had to pick just one it would be my fire piece that I did for my A levels.

What has been the most challenging project for you during the first year at university ?

Probably the Utterly Moving Words project because it was out of my comfort zone. Where I created a typographic video based of the meet me in Montauk scene from Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind where my video was based of the line “she was just a girl” from that particular scene.

If you could set your own dream project what would it be?

To design the poster or cover art for a new batman film or game. I am a big batman fan and I have featured batman designs in previous work and many of my personal work I do in my spare time and sketches features batman and other comic characters.

What inspires and influences your style the most?

Growing up reading comics and graphic novels really gave me an idea of what style of work I like and influences my work today. For example for the project Collect, Analyse and Reassemble I made a collection of batman and Superman symbols using my posters.

How would you like other people to perceive your work?

In any way they so wish, whether it be good or bad, as long as it provokes a reaction.

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