Publishing Unbound-project brief

A collected view from London on contemporary design publishing

Since we found out what studios we was all going to be in it was time to look at our first project brief of the year, Publishing unbound!

Project brief aims

  • Create a snapshot of contemporary design publishing from my perspective in London.
  • Research innovation in the current design publishing scene and respond to it with my own publication in the form of a folded poster­zine.
  • Research the work of cutting-edge design-conscious publishers in London and refine this to develop and design my own folded poster­zine.
  • Print as an edition of 25.
  • My poster­zine will become part of a collected publication made up of all the poster­zines made by studio members.
  • Edit my findings down to an article and a typographic poster, featuring inspiration and knowledge about design publishing in London.
  • Devise a binding system to create a unique binding for my own edition of the collected publication.
  • Develop and propose a visual identity for the studio’s own publishing imprint.

Project workshops

  • Visual identity design
  • Editorial: The Language of Mags
  • Handmade lettering
  • Type, layout and imposing for print
  • Articulating design
  • Layout Fictions – telling stories with images
  • Printing Workshop

Skills gained

  • Research and analysis
  • Approaches to writing and editing for design
  • Type and image relationships
  • Page layout and imposing for print
  • Identity design
  • Presenting your ideas and persuading a client
  • Refining ideas and making a convincing design pitch
  • Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Cover design
  • Typographic poster design
  • Bookbinding

Deliverables & specifications-final pieces

  • Poster­zine content-Front cover (including masterhead­ your own title); double page article; A3 3 typographic poster. The back cover will include the Impression studio identity and text.
  • Printed poster­zine, edition of 25-A3 poster, folded down to an A5 zine. Printed one colour. Substrate and printing method of your choice.
  • Impression identity proposal – PDF and ten minute presentation-Logo/logotype, icon, strapline, colour and type palette, sample cover style, bookplate design.
  • Publishing Unbound binding system-The showstopper! A binding system or casing to hold together and present a unique collected edition of all students poster­zines. Can be made of any materials, using any techniques as long as it forms a suitable way to present the collection of folded poster­zines.


  • Research, development, and production clearly labelled
  • Clear documentation of all research activities
  • Workshop outcomes: Clearly labelled and visible in your sketchbooks


  • A minimum of 12 reflective Blog Posts for this project.
  • Category Title: Publishing Unbound
  • Tags: Research, Development, Outcome, Publishing

Im quite excited for this project. It sounds interesting, we made a zine last year which I enjoyed but we only spent two lessons on it so of course there will be so much more thought, hard work and time needed for this project. Now its time to research and find out what exactly my zine cover, poster and article will be about along with the studios own logo.


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