Pastiche 1560-project brief

The first project we have been introduced to in our creative industry practise lessons is pastiche 1560.

Project brief aims

Via the use of the Video Format we want you to develop a primary level of understanding about social media content delivery that highlights a professional skill level of negotiation, project management, recording, communication and presentation.

Project brief objectives

Create a 15-60 second video clip that demonstrates your critical thinking about someone of major personal creative importance and/or influence. This could be an iconic individual associated with the arts/creative-industries or a current creative practitioner. In the first instance you will need to think about the narrative behind your video. Think about what it is you are trying to say about this person. Are you commenting on their style, personality, career etc. Is there something they are associated with that may inform your concept literally or will your outcome sit within the realm of abstraction. You are the director of your outcome, but it must be informed. If asked you should be able to explain the rationale behind your idea. You will be asked why at every stage of this project.

Deliverables-final video

Your final video should be uploaded to an Instagram account and vimeo. This can be your personal account or a new account using your university email.

Your video should show a considered use and/or understanding of the following

  • adobe premier or a similar editing package
  • type, image and sound – must include all three
  • narrative – you must have a supporting storyboard
  • context – 150 label explaining your idea


  • Project research, development, and outcome clearly labelled and evidence                              


  • A minimum of 8 reflective Blog Posts for this project
  • Category Title: Creative Industry Practice
  • Tags: Pastiche1560, Research, Development, Outcome

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