On Monday we had our first lesson with Alistair where we looked at branding and our own studios visual identity. We were asked to research and bring in two examples of identities, one for a publishing company and one from another field. I looked at Complex magazine and McDonald’s.

Complex Magazine


  • Black, white and red a popular colour scheme
  • Popular On all social medias (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc)
  • Young male target audience 18-25
  • Tag line “making culture pop”
  • Focuses mainly on music, style, pop culture and sports
  • Often an attractive half naked female or rapper/artist featured on cover
  • Bold black and white typography used and Logo



  • Family friendly image (for everyone, all ages, genders etc)
  • Popular on social media
  • strongly advertised
  • Lots of primary/bright colours used on packaging and logo
  • Basic fonts, simplistic
  • Focuses on children-happy meals, Ronald McDonald character

After we all shared our examples Alistair showed us a short presentation on some well Known brands and their own logos. We looked at what makes them work so well for the brands and why.

Through this we could see the common components that make a great logo. Simple, Versatile, memorable, unique, timeless and appropriate.

After a short break we came back to the studio to start work on what we wanted impression studios identity to be. Who are you? what do you do? and why should anyone give a shit? In small groups we answered these three questions and then collectively as a studio decided on the most important points.

A group of visual communication problem solvers. We turn complex ideas into visual presentations for easier understanding. We help you think so you don’t have to. We are the future. We are diverse. We explore different sides of publishing both traditional and modern techniques. Open minded and ready to try new things. We have something to say. We leave an impression.

From this we had a clear idea of what we think Impression studios identity is and it was time for us to start sketching ideas for our logo.

I wanted my logo designs to stand out, be bright and simple and show the creativity and intelligence of our studio. Everyone got the opportunity to display their work on the wall and we all looked at them individual and picked out our favourites.

On the right is my favourite logo design I saw on the day by Fin. The coloured pattern stood out for me and in my eyes represented the diversity of our group and is a nice contrast next to the simple black ‘i’ used to represent our studio name.

I enjoyed this lesson as branding is not something i have ever looked into whilst studying graphic design and I enjoyed it more than expected. I learnt what elements you need to have to create a good brand identity and the importance of doing so.


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