Nick Hill & Market ready brief-20/10/2016

For this lesson we was asked to continue working on our logos from last week and bring in a A3 mood board of 12 images related to our answers from task one where we looked at our own strengths and weaknesses as a designer and also to turn our final logo designs into a business card, comp slip and letter head. Everyone displayed their work on the tables and we were asked to use post it notes to walk around the studio and give our opinions on each others personal branding work.

Business Card front


Business card back




Comp card


Collage and feedback

I got some great feedback which was good, mainly that they liked how my logo was simple and professional. After that short task we were introduced to our guest speaker Nick Hill!

Nick Hill

Firstly, Nicks work is amazing! It was so cool to see and hear a previous student at London met’s success story and was very insightful and inspiring. Here is the key points and advice I got from his talk about his own work/experiences, practice and design disciplines.

  • Make the most of our time and freedom
  • You live and die by your representation/brand
  • Nail good design-core principles
  • It doesn’t matter what tools you know if you don’t have the ideas
  • You need solid ideas, solid narratives
  • If you want something you have to go get it
  • A good portfolio is so important
  • Work hard and try
  •  Build a brand and push that brand out there
  • Create commercial and passionate stuff!

Here is my favourite of the motion graphics work that Nick Hill collectively created and showed us.

Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron

Market ready brief

We moved on to a new and very exciting brief, market ready! So basically we have been placed into groups and we will be developing a proposal for London met’s Christmas market taking place on the 4th of December at Brick lanes UpMarket. In our groups we will be working to: develop a collective brand, design and create products, develop a promotional plan and propose a display for the market which we will pitch to the student enterprise team at Accelerator. The team/products that get selected will go on to sell at the market. I am very excited about this project its completely different to anything we’ve done before and is our first group project.

We had half an hour in our groups to decide on basically who we were as a brand, what we would be creating and why. Our group worked really well together we all agreed on our ideas and have a great starting point for this project. So, our group/brand is MASHUP. We are going to be creating celebrity musician based items like cards, posters and prints of all genres from all eras to fit a wide target audience. Our items will be affordable with a hint of humour and will feature portraits of the artists, lyrics and quotes. Our colour palette will feature everyone in the groups favourite colours, turquoise, yellow, red, black and purple.

We will be featuring musicians such as David Bowie, Morrisey, Kurk Cobain, Kanye West, Jimmy Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Drake, Beyonce, Elvis, 2pac, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Freddy Mercury, Eminem, Britney Spears, Prince and many more so hopefully there will be something for everyone. We gave a short five min pitch of our brand and ideas to the class and heard everyone else’s ideas too. I can not wait to get started on our products and I am excited to see where our ideas will take us!


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