Video storyboarding workshop-27/10/2016


In today’s creative industry practise lesson we did our first workshop for our Pastiche 1560 project. In groups we were to create a short video montage sequence using no more than 15 still images to create a video with sound of our assigned journeys (ours being from the studio to the cafe).

The aim for this lesson was “to explore processes associated with preparing ideas for video via the use of video editing skills you will develop a primary level of understanding about presenting ideas for development in time based media”

We started with a quick presentation about what the task for the day was and wayfinding. Wayfinding can be defined as spatial problem solving. It is knowing where you are in a building or an environment, knowing where your desired location is, and knowing how to get there from your present location” There is four basic stages to wayfinding. Orientation, route decision, route monitoring and destination recognition.

So, basically our group of five was split into two groups, edit team and film team. Fin and  I were the film team whilst Hussein, Jubedha and Francesca were the edit team. As the film team fin and i’s job was to choose the right relevant moments from the journey from our studio to the cafe to capture so that anyone who watched our video montage would be able to follow the directions from the still photographs. After we had taken all our photos we met back up with the editing team in the computer room who were learning the basics of video editing in Adobe premier. As me and Fin missed this they taught us what they had learnt including how to import the images and sound, cut the clips and other basics.



We arranged the images so that it best communicated the narrative to our audience and picked our background music ready to show the rest of the class and here it is.

Studio to cafe

It was good to finally get a chance to use Adobe premier and get a taste of how I will be using it for the rest of the Pastiche 1560 project. After watching every other groups videos in our class I think our groups was one of the best! Some group focused more on effects and sound effects rather than the key part of this workshop which was to create a photo montage of the journey making the route clear enough so that even someone who had never been in Calcutta house would be able to follow the videos directions and I think we did that successfully.


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