Poster type workshop-28/10/2016

For today’s workshop we was asked to explore the construction of letterforms at various scales and in two and three dimensions, applying understanding of display letterforms to our poster design. 

I chose to focus on the letter H for my typographic poster design and began by sketching out as many letterforms as possible on to grid paper, after doing that I picked my favourite and gathered my materials. I sketched my H onto some card and carved it out using the scalpel.

One I had the different pieces of my H cut out of the card I glued them to a red sheet of card and cut that out, I then stuck it onto my A3 sheet of white paper ready to start on my background design.

I wanted a bold and bright design for the background and took my coloured sheets of paper and cut out lots of triangle shapes and stuck them around my H.

I liked where the background design was going but wanted to add another element to it. I went with silver tin foil which I think worked nicely with the bright colours. I also decided to draw some thin black lines around most of the triangles as I thought the black would be a good contrast against the rest of the bright coloured card I used.


After everyone had finished their 3D letterform posters we displayed them on the wall ready to see everyone’s work and get some feedback. There was such a variety of ideas it was really cool to see and a few people said they liked mine the most and that it stood out which was nice especially considering I did not think I would be any good at all at this task!

Here is some posters done by others in the class which stood out to me. Everyone’s work was so different and collectively displayed on to wall it looked really nice and brightened up our studio nicely.

Im not usually one to getting my hands dirty when creating, I tend to stick with computers so when i saw we needed to bring in different papers, glue, paint etc I was not exactly excited but I actually enjoyed this workshop a lot and Im really happy with my finished poster. It taught me I don’t have to stick with what I think I am best at and that if I experiment more I could find something else I am good at.


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