Intro to typography & layout design workshop-1/11/2016

Intro to typography

We started today’s lesson with a Alistair giving us an introduction to typography. Here is some of the main points I got from the talk.

  • Writing is the physical notation of language. Typography is the mechanical notation of language.
  • Type design is the art of creating letterform. Typography is the art of using letterform.
  • The typeface is what you see (the design). The font is what you use(the embodiment of that design).
  • Each type has a connotation, provokes a feeling.

Alistair also went through a brief history of typography, dating back to the Phoenician alphabet (1100 bc) and showed us the first major book printed using mass-produced movable type, the Gutenburg bible (1456) by Johann Gutenburg.

I also got a chance to look through two great books, why fonts matter and type matter!

Layout design workshop

We was asked to bring in a magazine, ruler and tracing paper with us for this lesson and with that we started this workshop by finding a magazine double page spread in our chosen magazines and using the tracing paper to mark out the different elements and measurements of that article. The task aim was to be able to use all the information and measurements we had gathered so that we are able to recreate the magazine article layout in Indesign.

Here is my finished version of that particular article with my outlines and ruler guided I had used and then without.



Getting a workshop on Indesign was really handy considering for our publishing unbound brief we will need to create a double page article. I found setting up all the measurements for my page really confusing but I eventually got the hand of it and I think I got my article version pretty close to the original which I did not think I would be able to do. I still need practise though before I use Indesign again for the publishing unbound final article so I will be watching some tutorials on and hopefully I will feel more confident with Indesign.


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