Small publishers fair & Walden Press interview-4/11/2016

We began today by meeting outside Conway Hall for the small publishers fair which I was really looking forward to although I was not sure quite what to expect! The purpose of this trip was to browse all of the publishers stalls and identify one who’s work we are interested in and hopefully get to interview them.

I started looked around and having short chats with a couple of publishers who’s work I enjoyed. Some of my favourites of the day included Peter Morey, OttoGraphic, Design for today and John Dilnot but my Favourite of them all was Walden Press who I was lucky enough to ask some questions to.


Walden Press

Walden Press are a small letterpress studio in Walthamstow, East London. They specialise in small runs of hand-printed books, prints and posters. At the publishers fair I got to speak to Spike for a bit who told me about himself, his work and Walden Press.

  • He likes hand printing everything
  • He teaches but also does printing jobs for others
  • Only been print making for three years
  • Likes selling at book fair rather than galleries as prefers the vibe and finds galleries too stale
  • Wants to make more books although they do take a long time
  • Is not looking to feature pugs again in any future books

I loved his work and bought this book called ‘The life and death of Pudgy the pug’ and a book mark which was all created by letterpress.


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