Market ready planning-3/11/2016

During today’s lesson we continued working on the Market ready brief in our groups and further looked into the things we needed to consider and work on before we give our pitch on the 17th November.

Unfortunately out of our group of 7 only me and Francesca were in for this lesson so it was hard to make progress and decisions without the majority of our team but we tried our best anyway.

So for today we was told all he elements we needed to consider for our brand and stall these included:

  • Competitor research
  • Our USP (unique selling point)
  • What the products in our range are
  • Who are customers are
  • Our market display
  • Our costing and pricing
  • How we will make our products
  • Our collective
  • Our packaging and labels
  • How we will promote what we do
  • Our designs      
  • Our individual group roles

A recap of what we as a group have decided for our brand so far.

  • Our brand is called MASHUP
  •  We will make music/musician themed products
  • Including artist illustrations/lyrics/quotes
  • Our products will be cards, prints and possibly tote bags
  • Aimed at students/young adults
  • Will make them as cheap as possible

During our last market ready lesson 2 weeks ago we decided on our logo design and since then I have taken our sketch idea into Photoshop and made a digital version. As I could not show it to the whole group I am unsure if this is the version we will use but here it is anyway.mashup-logo-outline-turq-lightning-font-1

I have also since made a mock up of a potential Christmas card including my logo design on the back.


We was also asked to bring in an image of a product or design that you find inspiring in relation to this brief. I brought in these two card designs to show.

Each group then got the chance to present to the class and show their progress since the last lesson. It was great to get a reminder of where everyone is going with this brief and see their development. 


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