Creating Mashups logo

We as a group previously got together and had a brainstorm of ideas for the logo where we came up with the idea of the logomark being the shape of a record as we were making music/musician based designs so it felt relevant. The record was a bit boring on its own so I added the lightning bolt in the middle as its a powerful and cool symbol and I felt it would work well with our brand.

I wanted to get the group involved a bit more so I asked everyone what their favourite colour was so that when I created the logomark I could show it to the group in the different colours and everyone could vote for their favourite.

colours 1

After showing the group we all agreed that the lightest blue was best so I then moved on to the logotype.  As you can see below I tried some different typefaces that I downloaded from I felt a bold typeface would work best for our brands feel and aesthetics.

I picked this typeface below called Digitalt and that was our logo done.OLD MASHUP



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