David Shrigley & video storyboard-10/11/2016

David Shrigley

For the Pastiche 1560 project we have to create a 15-60 second video clip that demonstrates critical thinking about someone of major personal creative importance and/or influence, I have chosen David Shrigley.

His work in particular his illustrations are really simple and strange but I find them hilarious. I was first introduced to him a couple of years ago whilst I was in a record shop in Brick Lane which also sold some of David’s prints on cards and I have been a fan ever since. He also has his own strong style of work which is why I have chose him for this project.

Video storyboard

For our lesson today we was asked to create a storyboard for our Pastiche1560 video in Photoshop and printed A3 ready to be shared in our group. I did a rough storyboard showing my ideas although I am sure I will change and improve it over the coming weeks.


The plan at the moment for my video is that I will be pretty much promoting David Shrigley, showing my favourites of his work and giving my opinion on it. Im thinking of using the stop motion technique to create the video right now although I could change my mind.

In our groups I also got the chance to hear Jubedah and Fin’s ideas although they had not created a storyboard yet. Firstly, Fin is creating his video on Adam Green who is a songwriter and artist. His work has a strong look, its very D.I.Y and fun. Lastly, Jubedah is going to create her video on Kate Morris who is an Illustrator, her work is colourful and hand drawn. 


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