Creative visual editing workshop-11/11/2016

Today we tried something new/different. We had a visual editing mini-workshop which aimed at us gaining a deeper understanding of visual storytelling on the printed page. We had to work collectively as a group to make a finished piece that reflects the group’s consciousness, that finished piece being our own visual essay in a long concertina book format. We was asked to bring in the images we plan to use in our posterzine article printed out A6 in black and white for this workshop, everyone’s images will be featured in the book along with the images we collect later.


We started with a quick brainstorm of our observations about what we as a studio have learnt about publishing so far during the publishing unbound brief. After that, we had 50 minutes in the library to source images along with the publications we have in our studio already. We had to pick images that have a strong message and think about how the meaning of the images we chose will change when removed from their excising context and put into another. Here is the selection of images I chose and printed black and white in a variety of sizes (no bigger than a4) ready to take back to the studio and share with my class.


After everyone had gathered their images and cut them out we spread them out on the table so we had a clear view of what we had and started thinking about how we would organise them in our book. We then made the concertina book and placed the images on their allocated pages to see how it would look before we stuck them down. We organised the images in categories including patterns, printing techniques and random images that we couldn’t place.

After we was happy with the images placements we stuck them down and voila we had our finished concertina book.

Today was an interesting mini-workshop. I’ve never made a concertina book before and we as a class have never all worked together on making one product like this so that was a new and I was surprised at how well we all did collectively work together. This workshop showed me that although for my posterzine article I will only be able to print my images small and in one colour ink they are still very important and If I pick that right ones can make an impact.


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