John Berger-Ways Of Seeing

Anharad asked us to watch episode 1 of John Berger’s Ways Of Seeing before our class today. In this particular episode John presents his insights on how people see. Through examples of Art History Berger shows how our very sense of sight has been transformed. By discovering why this is so, according to Berger, “we shall discover something about ourselves.” 

Ways Of Seeing-episode 1

When we got to class we discussed everyone’s thoughts on that episode, we then as a class watched episode 4. The main topic of this episode was the images we are surrounded by every day which show us an alternative way of life. He shows us the references of fine art in advertisements and how it feeds into the mentality that you are what you own.

Ways Of Seeing-episode 4

This was relevant to our current project publishing unbound as we are all creating articles which include images. We have to consider the right images that relate to the context of our article and consider how we will represent those images fittingly.


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