Posterzine article

I began creating the feature article for my posterzine by collecting all the research I found on both feminist zines-Girls Get Busy and Polyester. Once I had all the information I needed I wrote a draft of the article including the headline ‘Female-led Feminist Zine Takeover’and found the four images I planned on using in my article which I adjusted to make them black and white as I am not using any coloured ink anywhere in my posterzine.

I sent this to Angharad and got my article proofread along with some feedback that helped me make corrections and left me ready to go into Indesign and create my feature article.


In Indesign I set up two blank A5 pages together both with two columns per page. The Indesign workshop we previously had with Alistair really came in handy here. I used the ruler tool so everything was precise and exactly where it should be. The typefaces I used were all in the same family, Arial Nova, Arial Nova bold, Arial Nova condensed bold and Arial Nova condensed bold italic. They worked well together and kept the article looking clean and simple.


I printed my posterzine on A3 80gsm light pink paper and here is how the finished article turned out. 


I really like my finished article and think it works well on its own and with the rest of the components of my posterzine. There is a good equal ratio of images and text and it has a nice energy to it.


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