Posterzine back cover

For the back cover we was all given the sum up of who we as impression studio are that we created some weeks ago and our studio logo that we all for voted for (designed by Hannah Phillips). I placed this at the bottom of my back cover which left a somewhat large amount of blank space above. I saw a few people in class just leave it blank but I wanted to use this space as my front cover is simple I didn’t want it to be too plain and boring so I needed to think of what I could do with the empty space.


I had already completed my poster for my posterzine at this point and as part of my poster design I repeated the word girls multiple times but instead of using a full-stop between each word I decided to use a small illustration of a heart to enhance the girly aesthetic of my posterzine. I wanted to create another heart on the blank space of the back cover but not just a plain heart. I started to think about what other things are stereotypical girly like hearts and thought of flowers. I didn’t want to just draw flowers or use my own photographs of flowers so thought I would try something I’ve never done before. I went to the library (and to my grandads house) in search of old gardening/nature books etc that would have really cool old illustrations of flowers in them. I found quite a few great books with really nice illustrations of flowers in them and scanned them ready to create a sort of photo montage out of them in Photoshop. 

I stared to cut out the individual flowers in Photoshop so I could rearrange them and place them where I wanted to create the shape of a heart. Here is how it turned out.

flower-heartI had to adjust it to black and white as I am not using any coloured ink in any part of my posterzine. I added a short sum up of whats inside my posterzine on the back cover too and here is how it turned out with all the finished elements together.back-coverAnd finally here is how the back cover looked once printed on my A3 pink paper. I liked how the back cover turned out. Originally I wasn’t considering adding anything to the back cover and just assumed Id leave it blank but the empty space just felt like a missed opportunity to add something great and I really liked my photo montage flowery heart as I tried something new and it worked out well.



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