Posterzine display box

After I had finished my posterzine it was time to focus on the best way in which I could present it.The Publishing Unbound brief says that we needed to create “A binding system or casing to hold together and present a unique collected edition of all students poster­zines. It Can be made of any materials, using any techniques as long as it forms a suitable way to present the collection of folded poster­zines

I had somewhat of an idea from the start of how I wanted to present my work. I was quite sure that I wanted to show my posterzine in a box. Looking at the two zines I feature in my posterzine article I talked about both Girls Get Busy and Polyesters super girly aesthetic that contrasts their powerful feminist message. I wanted to match this over the top girly-ness in my presentation box and incorporate the photo-montage of flowers in the shape of a heart that you can see on the back cover of my posterzine so I went on a hunt for a heart shaped box. It took awhile but I finally found a brown paper mache heart shaped box that was completely blank so I could create whatever I wanted on it.

I knew I wanted my box to be bold and pink just like my posterzine. I was kind of stuck on what to actually do with it but then I remembered a workshop we did a while ago. During the workshop we had to create a 3D poster. For the background of my poster I had cut up lots of small colourful triangles out of paper and stuck them down and It looked really nice so I wanted to do the same for my box but with a difference. Instead of using just blank pink paper I realised that during the printing process of creating my posterzine I had lots of copies left over that I was going to throw away as they either had mistakes on them, went through problems while being printed or was printed on the wrong paper. So, instead of just going in the bin I used them for my box!



I cut each bit of A3 paper into small triangles and stuck them down onto my box over and over so there was no spaces left and the paper was layers-it took ages! I covered every bit of the box so its completely pink and OTT.



Here is how I wish to present my posterzine in its box when we have our end of year exhibition on the 16th December.




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