Posterzine front cover

The first step of creating the front cover was to decide on a name for my posterzine. I had a couple of ideas like ‘Girls Talk‘ and  ‘Girl Gang‘ but decided on the first title that I thought of which was ‘We Need To Talk…‘ I wanted to keep the cover simple and got inspired by this Girls Get Busy cover below where you can see ‘Feminism Is Cool‘ in a banner. I liked this and decided to try this with my own cover.


I created these three different banner designs in Photoshop and decided that the top one was the most successful and the banner I would be using for my cover.

I moved onto the type for my title next and tried to create some of my own which wasn’t too successful so I moved on to find and download some type online. Out of the few favourites I found that you can see below I picked ‘Hayden Brush‘ which really worked nicely.



Once I placed the type into the banner I realised it looked a bit flat so as I was only printing in black and white I added a light and darker grey to my design to add some dimension and bring it to life.


I placed this in the middle of the page and that was my finished posterzine front cover. Its simple but I think it works well especially my title as I feel like it would make someone want to pick up my posterzine as it is  intriguing. My banner has a polite, flow-y, femininity to it which contrasts nicely with my strong statement title and the content inside my posterzine.




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