Posterzine poster

For the poster element of my posterzine I stuck with my original idea seen on my posterzine mock up where I wanted to repeat the word girls over and over to fill the whole A3 page. As the poster had to be typographic I thought this would work well and would make a strong impact. These images of neon signs I found whilst browsing Tumblr were what sparked this idea and inspired me.

I tried doing my own type first that you can see below. It was not successful at all. I did a rough poster with one of the types I made just to see how It might look.2016-12-06

As my own type wasn’t working I searched online for some type that I thought might be successful.


Here’s my favourite type which is called ‘social editor‘. I was going to just do a full stop between each word but thought I’d add to the girly aesthetic and did this simple heart illustration in Photoshop instead.


I repeated this 30 times on the A3 page in Photoshop. Here is how It looked once printed on my pink 80gsm paper. I love my poster I think its probably the strongest element out of my whole posterzine as it really works well and makes an impact.



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