Mini-Monograph brief

monograph (noun)-“a detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it.”

For our Christmas holiday break we was given a new brief to start working on called ‘Mini-Monograph‘. I can’t pretend I was ecstatic to see we had a new brief as I planned to stay in bed for 3 weeks whilst eating chocolate and watching my box-set of friends but once reading the brief I realised it wasn’t anything too crazy and is a pretty cool brief.

So, we have been assigned a designer each and we must Research, design and create a mini-monograph on our particular designer. It must take the form of a printed exhibition guide for an imaginary design exhibition. This task is primarily a research task as we have been asked to research a specific designer and then publish what we have have discovered in a mini-monograph.

The first step for this project is for me to research and get to know the designer that my mini-monograph is going to be on. Luckily, I got Derek Birdsall whose work I love and am familiar with which is a good start! Now its time to get working..



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