Posterzine front & back cover improvements

During the pecha kutcha awhile ago I showed every element of my posterzine and got feedback from Angharad and Alistair. They told me that my front cover needed improving as it was a bit disconnected from the rest of my posterzine and I agreed. I wanted to fill the front cover more. There was too much blank space and it was a bit boring. I wanted to create more of a visual connection between my front and back cover.

Original front & back cover

dfdfdI really liked my back cover where I created a heart out of old Illustrations of flowers I found in nature and gardening books and scanned them into Photoshop to cut and rearrange each flower to where I wanted them to be in. For my front cover I wanted to use this technique again but a bit different and still incorporation the banner with my title ‘We Need To Talk..’ in it. As my posterzine is all about women and feminism I started to think of symbols that we recognise and instantly connect to women. I thought of the female sign on toilets firstly and then the Venus symbol for women. The sex symbol for women is easily recognisable by most and I wanted to see what I could do with it.


As I wanted the front and back cover to be connected I started to fill this symbol with the flower illustrations the same as I did with the heart on the back cover.

I liked where this was going but didn’t want the female sex symbol and the heart on the back cover to be too matchy so wanted to add something else to the cover. I started to think again what along with flowers is stereotypical girly. I thought of makeup and other random things but didn’t think that would work with the flowers but finally I thought of butterflies! I went back to my grandads house and the library for more nature and bug related old books on a hunt for cool illustrations of butterflies. Here is what I found.butterflys

I added these to my existing work and here is how it looked.

I really loved how this turned out but I needed to find a way of incorporation my posterzine title in the banner illustration. I could only think of two possibilities, to put the title in the middle of the circle part of the symbol or to remove and replace the rectangle at the bottom of the symbol with it, and the winner is…front-cover-newMy new and improved front cover definitely works a lot better than the previous. Although I am yet to show it to either Angharad or Alistair so it could still be changed in the future depending on their feedback but for now its staying and I really like it.

After looking at my back cover I also decided that my short sentence I added about my article was not needed so I removed it.front-and-back-cover-new

Finally, here is how it looks when printed on my light pink posterzine A3 80gsm paper.


This probably won’t be the final version of my posterzine front cover that I submit at the end of the year as I plan to show Angharad and Alistair it soon to get some feedback and make the necessary improvements.


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