Posterzine article improvements

Not many changes but enough to warrant a blog post! So, a few weeks back I had my pecha kutcha with Alistair and Angharad. During my presentation I showed them my posterzine so far for some feedback. It was all pretty positive but Alistair said my article needed improving. He felt my typeface choices were off and didn’t match the aesthetic of the rest of my posterzine. Since then I have improved my article and got Alistair’s approval on the updated version of my posterzine article so here are the changes.





No changes to the layout or images just the type used but it really does make a big difference. The new type I used for the headline and subheadings is called Damion which I downloaded from


Damion is a casual script face derived from some typical mid 20th century casual typefaces such as that drawn by Max Kaufmann in 1936 for American Type Founders, originally known as Kaufmann, but available under other names such as Koffee. I am happy with my finished/final posterzine article now and this should be my last update for the article…..unless I change my mind again.




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