Anthology brief

“anthology – A published collection of poems or other pieces of writing.”

We was giving our new studio brief today. As impression studio we will be working alongside the English Literature and Creative Writing Department to redesign its bi-annual literary anthology of student writing. We will be working individually with a specific text from the anthology to create a stand-alone piece; and work in groups on the overall design of the Anthology.

“1. Each Impression student will be assigned a text that has been chosen for inclusion in the next biannual anthology that is published by The Cass. Impression students will each analyse and research a single text and then create a visual response in their chosen medium. Using the written text as a starting point, you will interview the author, research the context, background and language, then use this research to develop a visual interpretation of the text in a medium of your choice.These will be exhibited for the Anthology launch event.

2. Impression students will work in four teams, competing to propose a new design for the Anthology publication. The winning pitch will go on to be produced and published by the studio. All Impression students will be assigned a role in the design, production, launch and promotion of the anthology and launch event/exhibition.”

Im pretty happy with this brief and excited to get started. I think its great that we are working with a real client and not only producing work alone but in groups too. We was all given our individual texts from the anthology and I got Lost in Translation by Alessia Cacaveri. We was also put into our groups that we will be working with and I got Hannah P, Maria K and EE which I am very happy about! Now I know the brief its time to start researching and looking at examples of book designs/anthologies for inspiration as soon as possible!


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