Alyson Hurst visit/talk-20/01/2017

“Established in 1885, G.F Smith has long been a name that is synonymous with supplying the creative world with unique and exciting paper and boards. The G.F Smith range include fine coated & uncoated, textured and specialist options for Litho and HP Indigo as well as Colour Laser, Xerox iGen and Kodak Nexpress.”

During our lesson today we had Alyson Hurst from G.F Smith come in for a visit/talk with us. Not only did she have great knowledge towards paper and printing she also bought us a suitcase full of amazing paper and examples of items that G.F Smith have printed from books to designer clothes tags. Here is some important/helpful points I got from our talk with Alyson-

  • Dont leave paper, printing and format to the end
  • Address budget at beginning
  • Different papers have different feels and purposes
  • There are lots of things you can do with just one sheet of paper and folding-we forget how interesting folding can be
  • You can create more than a book out of a book-interacting and engaging with it rather than it being passive
  • Coated paper-better accuracy of colours, slick look and can see every detail
  • Uncoated paper-more interesting textures, more personality and atmosphere, can have any colour
  • Coloured paper=consistent and worth considering
  • Physical objects reflecting the content is key
  • Go visit printers-ask questions-build a relationship with printers early
  • Use paper to make something more memorable

It was really great to have Alyson come in and talk to us as an important aspect of us creating the Anthology book is what paper we will be choosing so it something that in our groups we will have to be deciding on pretty soon.



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