Carlin Brown-Unbinding the Book

One of the tasks we was given this week was to watch the nine artists videos on and pick one to report on here on our blogs. I chose Carlin Brown.


Carlin Brown works predominantly as a digital artist. Using digital media, she is capable of manipulating representations of reality into something artificial, or in some cases, hyper-real. For this project, using digital techniques such as web coding, computer graphics, and screen captures as well as incorporating lenticular prints and acetate, Carlin brings the online experience into book form.

In the short video Carlin talks about how during her practise she is really interested in making content that is not only about the internet and for the internet but stepping outside of it and looking back at it from the context of contemporary art. For unbinding the book Carlin created a one of a kind book project that translates her personal experiences online into a book form. She finds something really refreshing about taking digital pieces and binding them into a book and breathing new life into them.


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