Typography, Massimo Vignelli & collection brief-19/01/2017

Our first creative industry practise lesson back since the Christmas break and before Ricardo revealed our new brief we had a couple tasks to get to.


Before our lesson Ricardo asked us to watch this short extract from the documentary filmHelvetica‘ which features  Massimo Vignelli’s commentary on Type.

“Good typographer always has sensitivity about the distance between letters. Within typography is black and white, typography’s really white. It’s not even black. It is the space between the blacks that really makes it. In a sense, it’s like music. It’s not the notes it’s the space between the notes that makes the music.”-Massimo Vignelli

We was all asked to reflect on what Massimo said during 24 second long video within 140 characters. I personally found it quite difficult to comment on Massimo’s opinion on type as I am no typography expert and I have never thought about typography in the way in which he described it before so I didn’t feel as if I could strongly agree or disagree but what he said did make a lot of sense to me.

Everyone displayed their responses out on the tables and we had a few mins to walk around and read everybody’s work.

After that we moved on to looking at the second part of work that Ricardo wanted us to bring in which was to print out two sets of typography. “The first should show a sensibility to the opinion given by Massimo Vignelli in the video. The second should relate to yourself. It may describe you/your-authorship, have sentimental meaning or you may simply ‘just like’ the piece of typography”. Just like before everyone displayed their work on the tables and we walked around looking at everyone’s typography choices.

For my own typography choices I kept it simple but bold and stuck to what I like and typography that I personally use.



We then got the task to go to the library and pick any book we wanted to look at and analyse its layouts. I picked Derek Birdsall’s Notes on Book Design as I already had it with me. We was given grid paper and a sheet with examples of layout designs to show us the correct way of doing it and left to make our own!

Collections brief

At the end of the lesson Ricardo finally gave us our new brief-collections! Its a daunting one. Basically we have been tasked with creating a professional ‘Artist/Portfolio Book’ that showcases our Level 5 Studio and Industry Practice projects. As I am in Impression studio I am already working on designing a whole anthology book for the English department at uni so this brief isn’t too dissimilar as its all about book design but still I am scared, wish me luck!


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