Print spec & print production workshop-24/01/2017

The first workshop of the year with Alistair and we kicked it off with a very helpful presentation on print production, creating a print spec and setting up a file for printing.

Here is what we needed to know…

Project flow
  • Research/conversations with printers and paper companies
  • Print spec
  • Estimates and dummies
  • Order
  • Proofing
  • Delivery of job
  • Follow up
Print spec
  • Size/format
  • Print run (how many copies)
  • Print process (CMYK vs. Spot colours)
  • Stocks
  • Finishing
  • Delivery addresses and date
  • Proofing
Estimates and Dummies
  • The printers will send you their cost
  • If appropriate, you add on a percentage, and send on to your client
  • If necessary, ask for dummies to be made
  • You might need to revise the spec and get a new estimate
  • Include the printer’s estimate number
  • Add special notes/important information
  • The order defines what you will receive, so check it thoroughly!
  • You might want to go on press to see the job being printed
  • Often you’ll just get a PDF proof
  • Sometimes a digitally printed proof
  • Occasionally a ‘wet proof’ printed exactly like the real job
  • Be aware of the difference between those!
  • Getting proofs delivered to you and the client saves time
Delivery of job
  • Do you want the job to go directly to the client…
  • Or do you want to see it first? (might mean an extra delivery cost}
Follow up
  • Always check the job has been delivered
  • Call the client to make sure they’re happy
  • Any problems with the job, note them down for next time!
  • If the client is happy, ask for a testimonial
Setting up your file
  • 3mm bleed on print is standard
  • x:20, not x: 19.987-clean and clear
  • File naming conventions: E.g. ‘JL_rraiders_poster_v1.indd
  • Use swatches
  • Spot colours (eg. pantones)
  • CMYK (four colour process) both digital and litho
  • RGB (on-screen)
  • Print: 300 or 350dpi
  • Screen: 72dpi
File formats
  • Onscreen photographs: .jpg
  • Print photographs: .tiff/.psd
  • Print logos: .eps/.ai
Sending to print
  • Remove unused colours first
  • Package your file
  • Single page hi-res .pdf
  • Include crop marks
  • Embed fonts
  • Output preview is your friend

During the presentation Alistair showed us a print proof from a book he designed along with the finished product/book.

We also looked at examples of print specs as we need to create our own for the printing of the anthology book.

For the rest of the day Ee, Hannah and I spent time in the library sharing our ideas on how we want the anthology book to look (ways of binding, paper choices etc.) and going through possible layouts.


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