Kate Moross

“I try and get better – and fail and succeed. It’s good to be scared and mess up sometimes. It’s boring being approved of all the time. Failure and experiments keep people interested in what you’re doing.”

This week we was asked to research the designer, illustrator and art director Kate Moross and reflect on her ways of working and style.

Kate Moross is best known for her illustrative patterns that have been applied to t-shirts, trainers, sunglasses, retail displays and advertising. Although her work is now much broader, incorporating art direction, identity, packaging and music video production, her hand-drawn, colourful and upbeat style prevails.

Moross’ work is wonderfully varied in style though invariably colourful and eye-catching, as she utilises hand-drawn elements, isometric and interlocking shapes and patterns, hand-drawn illustration and also vector graphic work.

We was asked to watch this short video above and here is some of the key points and helpful advice that Kate Moross gives us-

  • Every creative industry has failures-its important for people to talk about that out loud so everybody feels like they shouldn’t be winning every time.
  • These industries are hard, its an uphill battle and you do have to work hard to get known and get seen.
  • Some people want to be X but actually they’re better as Y-they need a good mentor or teacher or friend to point out in them what their qualities are-its very difficult to know that about yourself without someone observing you.
  • It is a big world and there is lots of graduates and there is lots of people out there so you have to know what you’re about and work harder than everyone else in order to make that bigger step.

Lastly, in impression studio there is this large fold out poster by Kate Moross featuring one of her amazing pattern designs in it which was a nice find!





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