Visit to Four Corners Publishing surgery-27/01/201

The day began with us in our groups discussing our anthology design ideasgathering some sort of spec and looking at the books we have in our studio that have been published by Four Corners Books.

When we got to Four Corners books we met the two owners Richard Embray & Elinor Jansz. They talked with us for over an hour giving us great advice on book designing and listening to each groups current anthology book design ideas. Here are the notes I took down during the visit which will definitely help me during this brief, they really gave us a lot to think about..

  • Type-wont effect budget so use it to maximum effect.
  • Have your wish list but make multiple plan b’s.
  • We have freedom with the formats as we’re not selling the book-not restricted.
  • Think how can I get the most out of the budget.
  • Great, detailed spec really helps-anything I could adjust in this to make it cheaper?
  • Whats the content? what can we bring to it that wasn’t already there?
  • How much can you shape into how people view the book?
  • Look into what relationship you can establish with the text.
  • Cover-first thing people see-your opportunity to interest them.
  • In different situations different things work-different ways to attract peoples attention.
  • Think about who the precipitants of the book are-how will they receive it?
  • Think of the client. It has to tick their boxes.
  • Think differently about it. Look at what other people have been doing. How can we apply that?
  • If your’e drawing someones attention to something how and what will the effect of that be?
  • Stuff you dont like, boring stuff-how can you make it fun?
  • Something a little rough and hand made can make someone feel like you cared about the book-nice element to add.
  • Maybe at a page in the book about us designing the book-typography used? why we did what we did? what went into designing the book?

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