Work flow & tool kits-26/01/2017

We started the lesson by looking at everyone’s responses to the first bit of work set for this week which was to give your comments/opinion on these questions-

“What are your thoughts on ways of working? Do you have specific typefaces, colours, patterns, techniques, materials, layouts or overall styles that define your work? If you don’t do you think you need to? If so what are they and how do you go about developing these styles?”

My personal opinion is that it helps as a designer to have your own style as it can be what brings client to you and not others. It makes your work identifiable as yours instantly. Although, I dont think you should limit yourself to always just doing one thing or using only one technique etc so having a good balance of your own style and things you know you’re best at and that work but also not being afraid to try something new and go outside your comfort zone. I tend to stick to Photoshop and computers and not wanting to try different techniques like letterpress and screen printing because I think I am not good at it and its not my style but I know I should push myself to not stick to my comfort zone of being in front of a computer. As Ricardo said..

“Concentrate on strengths, immerse yourself in your weaknesses.”

After that we were put into groups and got the chance to share the second task of the week which was to bring in a pattern with an explanation. “bring in a pattern that either describes you, has sentimental meaning, reflects you as a practitioner or one that you simply just like.”

I brought in the four patterns that you can see below as I couldn’t decide on just one! I picked them simply because I just like them and I feel like they’re patterns I would of created myself. I love the bright, bold colours contrasting with simple black and white patterns.


We started working on layouts after sharing our patterns. We had lot of grid paper and the aim was to think of our own personal style and the layouts which would match that so consider if we like to have lots of images or we like to have lots of text etc. I personally know that I like to have an equal amount of text to image to I kept this in mind with the majority of my layouts.

The last task of the day was to take our layouts and bring one or however many we can manage in the hour left to life in Indesign. We had to take all our work from the first tasks so our opinions on ways of working, our chosen patterns and the blog post we needed to do on the designing of the week (Kate Moross) and make those the subject of the layout. Here are the two layout designs that I managed on the day.




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