New posterzine front cover

I had a one on one with Alistair not long ago where I showed him the latest improvements I had made to my posterzine front cover that you can see below.


He liked the direction I was going in but suggested some things I should look into changing and improving. The first thing was the female symbol I had made out of flowers and butterflies. As you can see below I improved it by not cutting off the images to fit the shape and keeping it unrestricted and more natural and overgrown looking.

I realised my posterzine title in the banner illustration wasn’t working anymore and I needed to move on and try something else. As the origins of feminist posterzines is quite punk-ish I thought Id try using magazine cutting of type.

I scanned my letter cut outs into Photoshop and converted them to black and white. After that I could add the title to the cover and position the letters to where I wanted them and it was complete.


This should be the last update to the front cover of my posterzine as I am really happy with how it is now and feel it has the impact I wanted it to have.


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